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Journey Better Business Group Inc.

B2B Marketing Consulting

John Buie specializes in consulting with your in-house marketing and sales management of business-to-business manufacturing or distribution companies and agencies to increase their effectiveness building and nurturing your sales funnel. By helping you increase your companies short term revenues and build defensible long-term market leadership. 

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This is accomplished by identifying the high-value strategies and exact tactics including the platforms and technology your internal marketing team should focus on, while out-sourcing the rest at a much lower cost. Leveraging the best asset that your staff has, which only those with access to your internal thought leaders and those on the front-lines with customers and research and development that is impossible for an outside service provider to replicate. After working together not only will your companies revenue growth become accelerated as a result of the efforts being aligned towards where they will impact the most, but your marketing team will be more engaged with their new challenges, leading to much higher retention in a critical role for your company that allows them to follow through on the long-term vision.