Odoo Experience 2019


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Presentation given at Odoo Experience 2019 in Belgium by John Buie

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5. 5 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Advanced Analytics Life - Time Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) Ratios to guide your B2B Email Marketing Journey.

1. 1 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com John@JohnBuie.com www.johnbuie.com

3. 3 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Newe st Odoo App SiteSearchApp.com Replaces the current Odoo Website Builder Search Function. Avg. increase in sales of 315% from visitors who performed a search. Index of your site stored on our Cloud server for faster search results. Order the results the way you know your customers are expecting them. Email me directly john@johnbuie.com for discounts to offer your customers or commissions on sales paid direct to you or your agency.

6. 6 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Life - Time Value (LTV) of B2B Customer Segment LTV Reminders sent to encourage repeat business until they are inactive Added Services or More Products via Sales Quote or In - Store Email Campaign Open and Click Through Registered as User on Your Website or Submitted Sales Lead First Purchase Online or from Sales Quote or In - Store $ Average Annual Revenue x Gross Profit Margin X Average Customer Life Cycle (data from your Odoo ERP)

8. 8 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com LTV to CAC Ratio Life - Time Value (LTV) of Customer Segment 3:1 for Startup Companies or Highly Competitive Markets (min, great is 5x) 7:1 for Services Companies like an Odoo Partner (min, great is 10x) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of Segment

18. 18 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Advanced Deliverability How to get past the firewall and avoid ending up in the spam folder when using Odoo Enterprise or Community.

11. 11 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com By only spending $400 in acquiring each customer we know we have a sustainable marketing program that will yield future growth as our ratio is over 3x. Insight One.

12. 12 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com If the total market size is 50,000 Vet Clinics, then we can buy the entire list and scale up this campaign ten fold. Insight two.

13. 13 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Insight three. Although we are profitable spending $400 in acquiring each customer it’s just getting us by right now, we should cut this amount in half to experience a Ratio closer to 10.

14. 14 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com If we spend more then $1,575 acquiring a customer then its not a profitable channel for this market segment, and our resources should be allocated to another channel. Insight four.

15. 15 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com If this campaign was measured only by direct ROI (value - spend)/spend then it would not have been continued and no success would have been found. Insight five.

20. 20 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Amber@XYZcompany.com Amber the Vet Expert from XYZ - Not sales@ from XYZ Company Sales Sofia@XYZcompany.com Sofia with your Order Details from XYZ - Not confirmations@ from XYZ Company Sales Jim@XYZcompany.com Jim from Customer Care at XYZ - Not noreply @ from XYZ Company

23. 23 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Thank Yo u

24. 24 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com What gets measured, gets managed. Peter Drucker, 1954

16. 16 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com We need ideas to decrease our CAC by making our email campaigns more effective then they are now, which will increase our LTV:CAC Ratio. Insight six.

17. 17 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Increase LTV to CAC Ratio Strong and varied Call - To - Actions to different Odoo Apps (Book appt, coupon codes, register to webinar, opt in to download) Implement all technical deliverability best practices Use latest technology in Interactive Emails (PWA, HTML5) Re - market to users who clicked through (Google Display, YouTube pre - roll, Bid Adjustments in AdWords) Find the top performing content and titles by split testing Personalize to the user and organize around their audience segment Execute Better

2. 2 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Launched in February 2017 it is now the largest lab equipment marketplace in the world in transaction volume. Advanced website features that no other site in the industry comes close to having, all thanks to the Odoo infrastructure. Built with Odoo Over 10 million B2B emails sent Sent from the Odoo Marketing Application to 240k contacts from USA inside the Odoo CRM in past 18 months. Fully automated Not just triggered emails for marketing purposes by all communications are automated on backend so that thousands of transactions each month happen with only two staff in day - to - day operations. Best Odoo Websit e www. Lab . Equipmemt

22. 22 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Avoiding the SPAM folder And how to ensure you stay out of it with regular testing. Email Gateway SPF DMARC DKIM Firewall rDNS Blacklists Reputation

9. 9 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Example - LTV to CAC Ratio Office Supplies B2B Distributor Vet offices segment with email channel CAC from previous Slide $400 CAC 3.94 Ratio $1,575 LTV Life - Time Value $1,500 avg annual sales @ 30% gross margin @ 3.5 yrs avg. Life - span from Odoo Data Customer Acquisition Cost 11 new customers @ .25% conversion rate to the 5k emails at total cost of $4,400 Ratio Good

10. 10 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Year Two Example - LTV to CAC Ratio Kept the 5k names from year 1 at no charge, added 5k more at same price. $176 CAC 8.95 Ratio $1,575 LTV Life - Time Value $1,500 avg annual sales @ 30% gross margin @ 3.5 yrs avg. Life - span from Odoo Data Customer Acquisition Cost 25 new customers @ .25% conversion rate to the 10k emails at total cost of $4,400 Ratio Very Good!

19. 19 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Outbound Email Gateway • Be sure you have a Dedicated IP • Warm up the IPs • Assign IPs to a specific purpose 3 rd Party Sender

25. 25 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Get the full PDF Guide with real life campaigns: www.johnbuie.com /email Connect on Social: john@johnbuie.com www.JohnBuie.com Phones: New York (toll free) +1 888 318 - 4264 London (toll free) +44 808 196 - 1006 Kuala Lumpur (local) +03 9205 - 7661 Manila (cell) +63 998 971 - 3013 Linkedin.com /in/ jbuie

4. 4 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com B2B Odoo Projects in past 12 months Designed, Coded and Configured the Nicest Looking and Top Performing (SEO/Rankings, Speed etc..) Odoo Websites on the Interne t T oday! Odoo Search App www.SiteSearchApp.com AIV www.aiv - inc.com Canadian Lab Assoc. www.clasassoc.com JRW Builders www.jrichardwatson.com Scilogex www.scilogex.com

21. 21 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com DNS Records SPF Sender Policy Framework (SPF) a) DKIM DomainKeys Identified Mail b) DMARC Domain - based Mail Authentication, Reporting & Conformance c) rDNS Reverse DNS d)

7. 7 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com B2B Email Channel Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Example of new 3 email drip campaign to new 5k user targeted list with 2 landing page $4,400 01 02 03 04 05 Acquire List $2,500 @ .50c/name from LeadIQ , Lusha , Clearbit Write Copy $450 3hrs per email x3 with optimized subject lines @ 60hr Design Layout $450 3hrs per email x3 with @ 60hr Code & Test $900 5hrs per email x3 with optimized subject lines @ 60hr Send Email $100 with dedicated IP and 3 rd party gateway Number of Customers Acquired

26. 26 www.johnbuie.com John Buie john@johnbuie.com Messaging will go Omni - Channel from within Odoo One campaign message will be repurposed into LinkedIn, Google My Business and other platforms as posts all from the Messaging (formally Email Marketing) app. Also into auto greetings, banners, browser push, SMS etc.. One - Click Landing Page Creation Odoo Website Builder app will automatically create landing page based on the content added to the Email campaign. Further editable within existing Website Builder. Dynamic Personalization Odoo Website Builder app will be ”User Responsive” based on their interactions with marketing messages when logged in. When not logged in, done via their IP and browser fingerprint. Integration with B2B Identity Platforms To segment lists of users in the Odoo CRM app automatically based on industry and other firmographics. Discovery of new contacts within the company. Display of social data from LinkedIn in CRM. John’s Predictions / Wish List  for Odoo’s Marketing Applications Growth


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