Digital Interview Questions

Paid Advertising

What tools have you used for conducting keywords research? Any you have wanted to try, but never had the opportunity?

We have a client that comes to us wanting to sell more fine food baking ingredients online. Which Google Ads campaign type(s) would you recommend to best bring in ecommerce sales? Why?

You are asked to calculate a campaign’s Return-on-Ad Spend (ROAS) month-to-date, where do you look for this info and how would you calculate it?

You are asked to update and optimize 100 product titles in a client’s merchant center shopping feed. What is the most efficient way to accomplish this task?

You’re running a Google search campaign looking to capture leads on a new line of ultra-low laboratory freezers. At first the campaign had a very slow start, but after a couple weeks leads started coming in more regular. You’re now 6 weeks into the campaign and leads suddenly drop off. What are some of the things you would look into first?


When assigned a new marketing client, what are some of the first areas you'd look at in Analytics to get familiar?

You’re assigned to run a new Dynamic Remarketing Ads campaign on Facebook. This type of campaign doesn’t automatically show up in Analytics for tracking performance. How would you get that information to come into Analytics so you can see how much revenue has been generated?

When determining the total impact a paid ads campaign has on revenue, Transactions are one way to see how many sales came in via the last touch point. Where in Analytics can you go to see the campaigns full impact, and whether it played a bigger role or not in the overall buying process?

CRO & Design

What are some key elements you want on a landing page that is targeted Lead Generation?

What are some key elements you want on a landing page that is targeting online sales?

Have you had any experience designing banners, graphics or images for a website or social media? Did you enjoy it and what program did you use?


What platforms have you used (outside to main UI), if any, to manage paid advertising campaigns in the past?

Have you ever used an email marketing platform before to send out emails (ie. Mailchimp, Odoo, etc). What was that experience like?

What video editing tools have you used to make short social videos, if any?

Do you think automated email drip sequences can be an effective way to target an audience? Why?

Continuing Education

What blogs do you read on a regular basis that help develop your marketing career?

Are you interested in leaning how to manage other staff members of the marketing team?

Which Podcasts do you subscribe to that influence your work?

Are there any YouTube channels you cannot go a month without watching?