Editorial Interview Questions

Content Creation

What do you do to research the target audience?

What do you think are the essential components of a good web content?

How will you go about creating a content strategy for a client/brand? (high level overview)

Within the brands goals, how do you decide what topic/subject to write on?

When working with a new brand, how do you decide the tone of the content?

How do you integrate SEO into your content?

Technology Stack

What website content management systems are you familiar with?

How do you currently plan and schedule your work? (project management systems?)

How do you analyse the performance of content?

Personal Style

Tell us something that is unique about your writing style?

What is your proofreading process?

How would you like to see your editorial progress over the next 24 months?

What content type do you struggle with the most currently?

What type of content creation is your strongest?

Continuing Education

What blogs do you read on a regular basis that help develop your writing career?

Are you interested in leaning how to manage other writers?

Which Podcasts do you subscribe to that influence your work?

Are there any YouTube channels you cannot go a month without watching?