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Predictable, manageable growth for your brand through digital marketing, storytelling, and fresh strategies

We build long-term partnerships for sustainable business growth. Delving into decades of creative digital marketing experience. Crafting strategies to make your brand more profitable and valuable

How we help your brand

We craft bespoke digital solutions that set your brand loose on the world.
Sales lead generation

Build fast relationships with new customers and position your brand as an innovator with thought leadership content marketing, compelling marketing automations, and an enticing digital presence everywhere they are.

Branding and corporate assets

Revive your brand. Make it sing. Rediscover yourself and build consistency. From logos to colors, typography, editorial standards, unique sales propositions and more. A lot more.

Ecommerce sales growth

Put the right message in the right place to ferry potential customers down your sales funnel. Google, Facebook and Bing ads. Remarketing. Cart abandonment automations. All the things you want to do well, but aren’t.  

Product development

Identify gaps in your catalogue. Find weak spots in your competitors’ product lines and capitalize. Work with us to curate or design new products your target market craves.

Who do we help?

Fresh eyes bring new perspectives to your business. We help business owners who want to grow - to break the routine, to explore, to try, and have fun doing it

We work with B2B manufacturers and distributors across industries
Emerging and recovering brands

Get your brand back on track & profitable.

Businesses pivoting in new directions

Get busy livin'. Try something exciting.

Established, healthy businesses looking for a creative jolt

Just because it ain't broke doesn't mean it can't be better. 

bizople kit
bizople kit

We could hire one marketing director or a team of consultants at Journey. We chose Journey and never looked back.

Jodi MacKinnon, Chief Operating Officer, The Qualifirst Group. 

Who are we?

We’re a tight group of senior digital marketing artisans who live and breathe creativity and the thrill of chasing measurable results. 

We’re the piece your marketing team is missing. We are your marketing team
16 +

Year of collective experience

6 K

Projects completed

50 %

Loving every work day

No account managers. No sales team. Talk directly to the people building your business.

We live and work in Eastern Standard Time, so getting in touch is easy. Hop on Zoom or give us a call if you need to talk anything through between scheduled meetings (every couple weeks). 
We don’t want to work with strangers. Regular and open communication means success for you and us. We want to know you and your business, because we’re on this journey together

What makes us different?

It's our passion for the journey. The quintessence of life. 

You climb the mountain but you have to come back down. Find another mountain to conquer. And another. 

The journey has you. 

There are possibilities around every dark bend. Beyond each grueling plateau.

Your whole life deserves the excitement of the journey, from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest. When you play 
and  when you work.

Partner with us to make work exhilarating 

We’re currently open to talking with new potential partners for quarter 3, 2021.
Are you ready to grow?
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